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Congratulations to Rivergreen
Again in strong competition, Rivergreen Spitzfire (Rambo daughter) was rated SG-2 at the 2001 Ontario regionals. Spitzfire will be in Germany through the summer for her breed survey and SchH1.

Congratulations to Rivergreen
In strong and quality competition, V-Rambo Topolovnicki IPO 3, was awarded top placing by judge Thibeault at the Ontario regionals 2000

Congratulations to the Ontario Provincial Police and Constable Bill Field. Bogart v. Talus Haus, now known as Rocky, is ongoing proof that the show dog can be a working dog.
(Bogie SG-2 Canadian National Sieger Show 12-18 mos 1999)


The German shepherd companion.
John and Baron (Rambo/Jassa) and Diva (Rambo/Diana)

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