Rivergreen Shepherds - Statement of Intent

(Rivergreen) "Breeding" means an attempt to improve, because if there is no improvement, then it is merely `propagation' or the multiplying of dogs. By breeding we can improve, for example, joint soundness, the quality of "drive," the pigment and colour, the secondary sex characteristics, and so on. Our ultimate goal with Rivergreen dogs is TO GET IT ALL TOGETHER!

Our goal with our Rivergreen German Shepherds is to produce the type of dog that anybody, even the beginner without any great experience, skills or tricks, can train and trial. In the hands of an expert, whether in the area of drugs, avalanche rescue, herding, or protection - is capable of top performance. If we follow this goal and continue to strive for it, we will have sufficient dogs who, in the hands of the appropriate handlers, can attain peak performances.

(Paraphrased from `Why is Breeding to the Standard Important for Performance" , Erich Orschler, Breed Warden of Bavarian North Breed Group, May, 1998 and translated for the publication `Shepherd SportsSpring, 2000' by Irene Klotz.)

Der Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde SV

The founding registry of the German Shepherd. Established In 1899 and led by former cavalry captain, Max von Stephanitz, the SV was born, and so too was the German Shepherd. "Horand v. Gafrath" acquired by Max from the Sparwasser kennel was to be the very first dog entered into this new breed registry. The rest is history.

Since that historical day in 1899, the SV has gone to great lengths to insure the integrity of the breed. Von Stephanitz had created an organization - the SV - for the development of his beloved breed over which he exercised absolute authority, for he knew that the weakness of man's nature must not be allowed to stand in the way of progress. For this reason, several requirements for breeding were established over the years.

  1. BH test. This is the first rung on the ladder to achieving the rights for breeding. This test could be described as a test of character, temperament and control in a urban environment. The BH is seen by the SV as the starting point for the career of any German Shepherd, whatever form it may take.

  2. "a" stamp. Evaluation for possession of suitable hips.

  3. AD test. This is a test of endurance that includes a twelve mile run.

  4. Schutzhund. A working test for obedience, agility, tracking and protection.

  5. Show ranking. This has become an integral part of breed improvement.

  6. Korung ( breed survey ). The final step in achieving breeding status for the German Shepherd is the Korung. This is an evaluation by a Kormeister (Breed Master) of the complete German Shepherd dog against the standard in respect to temperament, conformation and functional ability. Dogs recommended for breeding are admitted Into KKLI, and those suitable for breeding are admitted into KKL2. Those not passing the Korung may not be used for breeding.

As one can see, the Germans, through the SV are very proud of their breed. By establishing such requirements for breeding, they have assured themselves of the......... Total German Shepherd.

If your not Purchasing an SV German Shepherd.......do you really know what your getting?????

For more information about the SV and the German Shepherd read "The Essential German Shepherd" by Roy and Clarissa Allan

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