V-Rambo Topolovnicki v IPO3
IPO 3 V-rating equivalent under German judges (Yugoslavia) Hips: OVC #005041 (9/12/96)

"Very strong male, in very good show condition. Excellent back and top line. Legs very good, Correct with good forearm. Dog moves without effort, powerful, with lots of reach. Very good quality. Excellent pigment." Translation - German judge's comments, June 6, 1998 - Yugoslavian Championship German Shepherd Show. Placing - 1st.

Matz vom Georg Vicktor Turm SZ:1904740 Kimon V.Dan Alhedy's Hoeve Mark Vom Haus Beck
Candy V. Dan Alhedy's Hoeve
Farah Vom Arolser Schlos Vopo Vom Kirschental
Luna Vom Arolser Schlos
Cimba Topolovnicka Bifo Aureus Mons Rony V. Arminius
Udine Aureus Mons
Fanta Orlo Aureus Mons
Fedra Aureus Mons

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