SZ 1998887, X-A 1436, SchH3, WT 06.02.1997
Z u. E: Benzes Ahmet, Siggelkower Str. 4 a, 10376 Neuburg
Inz: Mark Haus Beck (4-4) Fedor Arminius (5,5-5)
Uran Wildsteiger Land (5-4,5)
(Q-Wf. Arminius, Quina-Quana, Quina, Quana, 5-4,5,5)

*Jango vom
SZ 1896845, SchH3
v Lärchenbain
Chico Lohner Heide
Joga Nieuwlsandshof
Uta v Fürstenberg Nickor Holledau
julchen Fürstenberg
von Oxsalis
SZ 1904966, SchH2
Karly v Arminius Fanto Hirschel
Tanja Adeloga
Nina vd Römerau Cim Ecknachtal
Blexe Römerau

Big, substantial, medium strength, expressive. High wither both in stance and in movement. Straight back, well angled croup of good length, pronounced hind angulation, correct forehand angulation. Balanced brisket proportions, clean front. Moves closely behind and soundly in front. The gait has good scope. The hind thrust is effective, the front reach is free. In fast movement he should show more drive. The Best Young Dog of 1998 was able to improve his position within the VA-group at this the highest point of his show career. In the required fast gaiting certain deficiencies were evident. He then had difficulty to transfer his very harmonious body proportions in stance into motion. The breeding value of this dog is determined as previously the second presented progeny group convinced on account of the markedly anatomical excellencies of the offspring. The previously established limitations and recommendations concerning the colour remain in force. HD normal, DNA gpr.

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